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Transaction Services

 Transaction Services

When your company entered into general offers, substantial acquisitions or disposals, financial review could help relieve risk. Our team is led by at least one partner in order to maintain close connection to your company.

Our services include financial due diligence, tax restructuring, transaction structure and corporate restructuring advisory services, etc.

In addition, we carry out supervision and examination of re-examination of target company or the operation of the due diligence to protect the interest of your company; which is an important step to collect assessed data for the management. Our professional and independent reviews often have unique insight to meet the analyses which have been carried out.

Our due diligence is designed for the three main aspects:

  • Financial performance review and forecast
  • Operational advantages and disadvantages
  • Strategic purpose and business synergies

We can help your company to take insight into the trading vulnerabilities, particularly in area where management judgment or estimate is requires, and for this renegotiation of matters related to the transaction structure or terms of the purchase agreement. We are also committed to early identification of the potential problems causing “deal fell through”, as well as the assets or areas that have not performed as scheduled and to conduct strategic / operational improvement to increase profits.