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Corporate Finance Advisory Services

 Corporate Finance Advisory Services

In line with the business development, enterprises may require additional resources in order to expand business or explore new market. Apart from using bank loan as an additional source of funding, you may also consider to introduce institutional investors, to raise additional funds. We can provide preliminary consultancy to you based on our professional knowledge, experience and network in the financial markets to help you preparing business proposal, feasibility study or market research, aiming to achieve your goal and obtain success.

In short, our advisory services focus on three main areas:

A. Private placing

  • Prepare files, such as feasibility studies and business plans
  • Identify and liaise with potential investors
  • Provide advisory services for the entire private placing process and follow up
  • Assess enterprise value so as to fight for a reasonable price for placing
  • Assist in designing the most appropriate capital structure
  • Propose the most advantageous terms of the placing

B. Mergers and acquisitions

  • Assist in assessing your company's business proposals or stand-alone investment projects
  • Co-ordinate discussion between clients and professionals on the financing terms and methods
  • Prepare confidential information memorandum
  • Conduct due diligence for the target company
  • Assist in developing the most effective corporate structure and tax plan

C. SME loan and bank facilities

  • Help clients to provide banks with supporting documents to speed up the review process
  • Develop the most cost-effective debt financing plan or structure according to your company's financial position to ensure the plan or structure is in the interests of your company
  • Prepare cash flow statements as a reference for bank to assess the solvency of your company